Baritone Nate

Nathaniel “Baritone Nate” DeMont was born outside of a small shack in rural Utah with all of his adult teeth. Nate’s first experience with a guitar has been traced back to an underground Fender dueling ring out of Detroit. Anecdotal evidence supports Baritone losing every single match. After that, he found himself hitchhiking through the Rockies. On this path he was picked up by Lou Bega’s tour bus, and they traveled a brief time together writing 4 mambos before parting ways due to creative differences.In the Spring of 2000 Baritone won his name in a poker match. To this date, Baritone Nate DeMont has been asked to leave 32 Applebee’s nationwide. Now, due to his dependency on well water from the Fox River watershed, he owns a guitar shop in Oswego, IL.